Steel Pegasus in a luxury car rental company which was founded in 2013 as a provider of premium luxury transportation services. Due to rapid growth of demand for luxury services in everyday life (e.g. university, work, travel, and etc.) and lack of corresponding service providers in market, our company decided to fill this niche in order to meet customers’ expectation at the highest level. Thereby, since foundation we aimed to serve the needs of the world’s most renowned personalities, members of numerous royal families, and corporate leaders.

With help of our royal customers, we have grown consistently. Impact of our company’s growth resulted in increased fleet number and service variety. Apart from that, we strive to continuously improve our customer service quality to exceed the expectations of our customers, and increase their service experience.

Aside from luxury car rental services we also offer number of other services, such as transport services, chauffeur services, yacht charter services, and personal security services. You may find more detailed information regarding other services on our website.

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