All about car rental in Dubai and the UAE

In this article, we will share personal experience of renting a car in Dubai, and we will provide an extended response to many questions asked by tourists who first flew here and decided to rent a car.

View on Dubai Marina
(View on Dubai Marina)

In order not to go to doubtful forums in the hope of receiving false information, in this article we will give accurate answers to such questions as:

  • Do you need a visa for arrival in Dubai and the UAE?
  • Do you need international Driving permit (IDP) for renting?
  • how and where to book a car;
  • what reliable rental companies exist;
  • how much is the daily rent of budget and premium cars;
  • what is the price of Petrol in the United Arab Emirates;
  • which navigation navigator to choose and where to download maps;
  • what documents and what type of bank cards are suitable for a successful rental, etc.

Rent a budget car can be from 70 dirhams per day, which equals about $ 20. For example, the Reno Fluence sedan cost us 100 dirhams per day. And this is with all the insurance and unlimited mileage, but more on that later.

The country also has a developed service for rental of luxury cars , i.e. Tourists rent a luxury car for 1-3 days, take pictures with it against the backdrop of beautiful beaches, dunes, deserts, skyscrapers, etc., thereby taking photos of the beautiful life in the luxurious UAE as a souvenir.

Luxury cars
(It’s possible to rent even this sport car)

Navigation in sections:

  1. Why you need to rent a car in Dubai?

Why you need to rent a car in Dubai?

First of all, you need to decide on whether you really need a car in Dubai, because there are so many beautiful, convenient places to visit: beaches, restaurants, parks, etc.

Those who come to Dubai for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by the clean and beautiful beaches. Here you can “seal” all days long. If you are a fan of just such a holiday, then in principle there is no sense in renting a car.

In addition, the infrastructure is well developed here: trams, the underground train, buses and taxis. By public transport you can reach almost any attraction.
Well, for those who are used to moving by car, there are several advantages to renting a car in Dubai:

  1. Free time planning. No one to depend on and quietly move around the city and the country as a whole. Stop for an hour on the beach, and then go to the zoo and shopping center in Dubai, enjoy the views from the Burj Khalifa tower, and just enjoy your stay in a luxurious city, walking through parks, shops and the old town.
  2. There are places that everyone must visit. In the Emirates such a huge number. Of course, you can take a tour, but then there’s not enough time for everything. Usually groups gather in an hour or two, then there is the usual greeting, advertising of shops and goods, and very little time is allocated for the specifics of a particular place. In addition, the price of excursions, to put it mildly, not cheap.

Our friend used to work as a guide in the Sheikh Zayed mosque, which is located in Abu Dhabi, and a tour of this incredibly beautiful place took 40 minutes in a hurry and in a hurry. But this is a unique structure, magnificent, grand.

A quiet inspection on foot takes at least 3-5 hours, what can we say if you want to take more photos everywhere.

At night, the mosque is highlighted and sends you to a fairy tale, it looks so incredibly beautiful and fantastic. About the mosque, of course, we will tell more in the section below.